Value in the Digital Age

Join us at the first CDO World Summit in Amsterdam where digital transformation leaders come together for an insightful and entertaining day that is all about Value in the Digital Age.

CDOs, CTOs, CIOs, experts & researchers will explore and share their vision on the questions regarding value in the digital age:

  • How is digitization changing the way we perceive, create and consume value?

  • What are the implications for companies, consumers and society as a whole?

The CDO Amsterdam Summit 2017 will host the Leaders of Digital Transformation with a fully packed program, VIP Cruise dinner and plenary sessions featuring world class speakers.


Join us on June 28



28 Jun 2017
11:00 - 11:30

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Chris Parker is an internationally experienced leader, with roles spanning over 20 years improving organisational performance through customer experience driven digital transformation. As a CIO, CDO and consultant he provides hands-on leadership, guidance and coaching in various industries. Chris will be chairman and host of the CDO World Summit on June 28th.
Chris Parker

Digital Transformation Is Business Transformation

Businesses are at a crossroads. A combination of empowered customers, new entrants, and fast-moving competitors threatens to undermine current business models and make established firms irrelevant to customers. To thrive in this environment, leaders must use digital technology to create new value for customers and increase operational agility. To match your customers’ rapidly evolving expectations requires more than a few tweaks here and there. It requires an enterprise-wide transformation — driven by the aggressive adoption of digital technologies and supported by equally important changes in culture, leadership, skills and processes. Success requires tight alignment and collaboration between business and technology leaders.
Benjamin Ensor

Leapfrog the Digital Platform Cooperation

Companies old and new are faced with the same markets, the same consumers, and the same technologies. Innovation accelerates when they learn from each other, partner with other, and of course, compete with each other. But disrupt each other? That’s so ten years ago. It’s time to disrupt our idea of disruption. It’s time to move from platform thinking to ecosystems. It’s time for the Digital Platform Cooperation!
Gerhard van der Bijl

Making the Shift to Digital

To make the necessary shift to digital, leaders need to be proactive and prime their organizations for the work ahead. Mastering the digital economy is an imperative. However, if deepening, broadening, strengthening, extending or improving your digital presence is not the number one priority on your agenda then you are playing by yesterday’s rules. Digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data and blockchain could be a source of new business models and revenue streams, enhancing customer relationships and lowering costs
Euan Davis


A digital strategy is something that concerns all of us. If the proper tools are provided, a so-called High-Performance Digital Organisation (HDO) can be created. Time for a broad, cross-functional discussion in which people, information, frameworks and other supporting elements are brought together.

Moderator: Manoj Mathew
Cameron MacQuarrie
Marelle van Beerschoten
Manoj Mathew
Gerhard van der Bijl
Benjamin Ensor
13:00 - 14:00


Transforming Value Chains with Digital & Predictive Analytics

Digital is changing the rules of the game everywhere…, and supply chains in traditional industrial environments are not an exception. Rather the opposite: some large continuous processing companies are taking advantage of the massive amounts of information that they have been collecting for years to implement predictive analytics models that can fundamentally transform the way in which they operate and make decisions. In this session, Llorenç Mitjavila will guide us through the transformation journey that some of these players are pursuing, and explain how they are breaking traditional silos and developing completely new capabilities to emerge as true winners in the digital age.
Llorenc Mitjavila

Growth Hacking Power Session

I’ve spent the last couple years building, coaching and training regiments of growth teams and growth hackers. Growth comes from a mix of behavioural psychology, coding, creative marketing and data analysis. In this talk I’ll run you through the process, tools and mindset they’re using to incorporate big & small datasets in their growth experiments.
David Arnoux

The CDO Challenge: How to transform data into competitive advantage?

It is widely understood now that data drives business success. Data today is understood as a strategic asset – a critical ingredient for business innovation, and the currency for digital transformation. CDOs are tasked to harness data to fuel innovation, improve customer experience, deliver business insights, meet compliance requirements, and deliver other crucial business objectives. But how do you unlock the value of data to optimize customer experience?  How do you align the business and technology teams on a common data vision and strategy? And how do you transform data into competitive advantage?
Marielle Verschoor


An information strategy is something that concerns all of us. If the proper tools are provided, a so-called High-Performance Digital Organisation (HDO) can be created. Time for a broad, cross-functional discussion in which people, information, frameworks and other supporting elements are brought together.

Moderator: Cameron MacQuarrie
Arosha Brouwer
Cameron MacQuarrie
Anja Dekhuijzen
Vincent Harmsen
David Arnoux
Llorenc Mitjavila
15:30 - 16:00


The Future of our Species

UK-born Neil Harbisson has been colour-blind since birth. He had an antenna implanted in his skull that converts colours into audible frequencies and allows the artist to perceive a symphony of colours. Harbisson’s antenna enables him to hear the entire colour spectrum, even colours that are outside his range of vision or colours that are invisible to the naked human eye. In his keynote, Harbisson emphasizes that intervening in our human evolution is no longer theory but is currently practically feasible. People themselves become technology, so to speak, instead of merely carrying it. This development opens up new possibilities of more intensive sensory experiences that had been impossible until recently. “By merging ourselves with technology, we can become the designers of our own body and...
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Neil Harbisson

Digital transformation in education: changes of the past 150 years will pale before the change we will see in the next five years

In many classrooms, teaching is still based on the traditional use of school-books. Apart from the e-book and the smartboard, digital technology has only sparsely made its way into schools, even though digitization has great potential to improve education structurally. For a big European publisher of schoolbooks this situation offers interesting opportunities as well as major challenges. In this presentation, insight is provided into how the digital transformation has been brought about in a centuries-old company, which successes have been achieved, and what this means for teachers and schoolchildren.
Arnoud Klerkx

Embracing disruption as a mindset

We live in a constantly changing world, with new technologies every other month or so which can disrupt your business, old ‘truths’ no longer apply. This can be a confusing space. A good way to adapt to this is to embrace an adaptable dynamic ability.

But how? What better way to cope with the digital developments than by teaching you a dynamic process of how to embrace these changes yourself. These changes can add value for your customers or create value for the company. Not unimportant, how do you deal with the legacy holding you back?
Robert Overweg


In the first two blocks we discussed and debated about the dimensions of Digital and Data, in the third block it all comes together in the dimension of Disruption. In what way will, besides Digital and Data are other dimensions such as culture, society, economics, technology etc, play an important role. Time for a broad, cross-functional discussion in which people, information, frameworks and other supporting elements are brought together.

Moderator: Gerard Wijers
Gerard Wijers
Geert Batterink
Robert Overweg
Maarten Lens-FitzGerald
Arnoud Klerkx
17:45 - 19:00


19:00 - 21:00




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